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A while ago, I read your book, "Unveiling Grace". I appreciated its message and have given and referred it to others dealing with relatives who are Latter Day Saints. I just listened to your interview on the Eric Metaxas show and will be getting your latest book. Some years ago, I welcomed a couple of missionaries into my home for conversation. I had some understanding of Mormon theology from Dr. Martin's book, Kingdom of the Cults", but conversation with them surely filled out my understanding. Your "Unveiling Grace" continued my education. Thanks for all you do.
I grew up in the Mormon Church, though we were very sporadic in our attendance. Even just as a little girl, I can recall things that didn't make sense: the judgment, the lack of teaching out of the Bible or about Jesus, the emphasis on Joseph Smith, baptisms for the dead, etc. I remember defending the Mormon church yet not really knowing why except that it felt good to be a part of something big... To make a long story short. I met my husband when I was 18 and invited him to go to church with me. He was immediately thrown off by the having to sing the "hymn" "My Country Tis of Thee" and the amount of "teaching" that centered on why the Mormon church was right and others were wrong. I started getting a different perspective and realized Jesus was not really at the center of this church that boasts about His Name being in their title... I am happy to say I found the True Jesus a couple years later and have never looked back. Now I am on a mission to research the Mormon doctrine and help others to see the Truth. (I have family that are heavily involved in the LDS church still.) I look forward to getting your book and reading your testimony. Thank you for sharing and God bless you and your family.
Thank you for this website. I feel it is an answer to prayer.
I was a "worthy" member of the LDS faith for 20 years was sealed in the temple and had 6 wonderful children, after much prayer and reflection I divorced my then "worthy " priesthood holder whom had physically, sexually and mentally abused myself and my children whom was still passing the sacrament and found worthy after counselling through the church bishops stake presidents and counselors. I could not continue to worship in a place where such abuse was allowed I stopped attending meetings as did my 5 daughters. After several years I started praying again and questioning everything I once believed. I came across Lynn's book Unveiling Grace and started researching deeper into to Bible, the true book of Christ's ministry. Tonight I went to a local biblical church as I have several times before. I will be baptised this weekend. I feel as a little child whom has discovered Christ for the first time. I am eagerly learning and loving this thing called Christianity. I am so excited and feel so much love from Christ and my new church family. The biblical Christ is so different than the Mormons ever shared. I pray for my friends that are still blinded by so much falseness and betrayal. I pray they will learn the love of Christ as I am. Thank you Lynn for your book and your wisdom. May God bless you and your family. Much love to you.
I am a single male aged 40 and an ex Mormon. I joined Mormonism in 1995,served a mission in KENYA NAIROBI mission from 1997-1999. I left Mormonism in 2009 and am now an active Christian and wanna share my experience as an ex Mormon. Please connect me to more platforms
It was great hearing your stories this past weekend. Thank you for sharing!
I too was "plucked" out of 36 years of Mormonism when God opened my blind eyes. It cost me my marriage, a relationship with one of my 5 children and many many friends. It was painful and glorious at the same time. Thank you for the work you do and for sharing truth!
Just finished your book "Unveiling Grace" ... I devoured it, it was so well-written and gut-wrenchingly personal. My teen-age best friend was Mormon and but for the grace of God, I would have become one, too. But, she's still in the church and I've prayed for her for over 50 years. I see now how terribly difficult it is to leave it. But, God's hand is not shortened and I will never give up praying. Thank you for coming out and uplifting Jesus and I praise God for how He's choreographed your lives for Him in such a glorious way!!! And for giving honor and credit to the power and authority of the Word of God. Look forward to meeting you in glory some great day!
Thanks for this site! With help from sites like this, one week ago today I submitted my walking papers (resignation letter) to the Mormon church! I just wanted to thank you! I'm still going to read this site as I progress onward. God bless, Alexa
Exceptionally well written! I will right away grasp your rss feed as I can not to find your e-mail subscription link or newsletter service. Do you have any? Please let me understand in order that I could subscribe.
Saw Lynn being interviewed on station WFGC outnof Fort Pierce FL this afternoon and found it so interesting. Then watched Micah's interview on Adams Road website which made me cry for as well. Now just ordered Lynn's book. I have much interaction with LDS over the years as a funeral director. As discussed, so hard to understand hownthey can be so nice but misguided. As Mi hah said, "all praise, honor and Glory" to God, for showing this family He who is The Way The Truth and The Life.
I pray for those who are in the LDS Church. I was a member for 33 years and then finally woke up through searching the Internet about how ridiculous that Church really is. How can people trust their soul to a lunatic named Joseph SMith instead of Jesus Christ. I am so glad I was blessed to come to the reality. God bless you all.
Thank you for this website. I left Mormonism 8 years ago after 2 Mormon divorces. I was a Mormon for over 33 years. I went back to being Catholic but now I am questioning all Catholic beliefs which are not Bible based. I don't know if I would be happy in some Protestant Church. I have tried a few and felt uncomfortable.
I, too, am an ex-mormon. I have been for the past 25 years, but have only become a true Christian for over a year now. The God I love now is so different than the God I was taught as a child! Only someone who has experienced Mormonism will know how hard it was to leave that "church". Every day I read the Bible shows how wrong my old beliefs were! Thank you God for showing me the way to Your Son, Jesus!
Thanks for the inspirational read! leow@lazybacon.com
I like the helpful information you provide in your articles. Ill bookmark your weblog and check again here regularly. I'm quite certain I will learn plenty of new stuff right here! Good luck for the next! afdacgbedbdfefka
Thank you, Lynn and Mike, for coming to Epiphany Anglican in Eustis, Florida, to share your testimony of Jesus Christ and your journey out of Mormonism. Your book, Unveiling Grace, is highly inspiring and such a blessing to read. We wish you well in your critical ministry and hope to see you and Adam's Road again soon!
This is a great site. All lies of Mormonism MUST be unveiled so people may see the true Christ. Caliph Ndemo Kenya phone 011254726298469
Thank you for your website and your book, Unveiling Grace. My father and step-mother are LDS, and for years, I have had questions about their faith, that I never dared ask. As a life long biblical Christian, I knew that the answers would trouble me, and often anger me. I am in the midst of discussions with my father that are not going very well. Your book and this website are very comforting to me; confirming that I haven't been losing my mind all these years, with the doubt and troubling feelings towards the church and my family. Based on your information, I now have solid information to use in my discussions, which can't really be refuted. I appreciate you so much. Thank you!
It's amazing to me the power this organization has over it's believers. It is heartbreaking. The reaches into your family make it almost unbearable to leave. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you how wonderfully written the book is. I love the fact that you don't "bash" the believers in the LDS faith. I think that speaks highly of your character.
I have recently converted to Mormonism and this site has been amazing in helping me learn and grow in the faith. Thank you for providing such as amazing source of information. Email me if you have any questions at archiewester@gmail.com
My daughter, Georgia Tabitha Grace Pendleton, married a Mormon a couple of years ago. Her husband is an attorney and a good man from a good family. Please help me by praying for them to have the eyes of their heart opened by the Holy Spirit and to be given a hunger for his word. If you have any suggestions for me how I can witness to her when we have to communication to speak of, I would appreciate that very much. God bless you for your testimony and faith.
Thank you for creating this website and for your ministry. I am not a member of the Mormon church, however I have a lot of family members who are. I've always had doubts about the Mormon teachings and always wanted to help my family realize the truth, and this website helps alot. Thank you!
I so love how God has brought you and your family through Mormonism to His saving grace for His glory and purpose :) Its amazing how God uses false teaching to bring some to Him. For me I would have been what is referred to as a false convert. Raised in a predestine church but not enforced at home, the Bible was never opened. I went to Sunday school, Sunday service, Sunday evening service, mid week gatherings but nothing at home. As a kid I remember saying a prayer asking for forgiveness of sin to be born again, but I truly did not understand, I just knew I wanted to go to heaven and thought I was good. Deep down I knew I was missing something (Jesus). I would have said I was a christian but I was living for the world and had no remorse and even mocked at those who tried to share the gospel with me. Because I knew it all, I thought, leave me alone I will live the way I want, and did. It was not until 2010 that a mormon girlfriend mocked me for believing in the Trinity. That was a shock I thought everyone believed in the Trinity. So I began researching the mormon doctrine with the intent to prove her wrong and in the process discovered I did not know who God was. My research was intense, I for the first time began reading the Bible and comparing mormon scriptures to the Bible. Long story short I realized I was just as lost as my mormon friend. I can't tell you the exact date I became a Christian, it was a process. I had to get over others finding out I was not a Christian. Which makes no sense since I was never living for Christ but of the world, obvious to others but I was embarrassed and ashamed to have wasted so much of my life in a false belief that I was a christian. God brought me to Him through the false doctrine of Mormonism. I began to realize that God wanted me to put my research down and focus on who He is. I am now living for Him and each day I struggle to make less of me and more of Him. I was baptized June 1, 2014 no longer embarrassed I posted my baptism on Facebook for all to see that I declare Jesus as my savior. I still study the LDS doctrine and have a special place in my heart for them. Until 2010 I did not know the area my husband and moved to is largely populated by mormons. Not sure why God choose to reveal Himself to me in this way but I'm sure it has something to do with witnessing to the mormon community. I give thanks to Sandra Tanner, MRM.org, Matt Slick (CARM), and now recently you and your family, all to the glory of God. Up until now I have not posted anything on FB regarding mormonism or the LDS doctrine because of the mormon friends that would see it a may be offended. I have witnessed to them with some success and some mistakes on my part. But since viewing unvelingmormonism.com, Adams road, and the audio book Unveiling grace, I just knew it was time to start posting. I have post all of the testimonies of your family. The fact you lived the life of a faithful mormon for so many years and God used that to do such an amazing work in your families life, giving you a true testimony of Gods mercy and grace that others lost in mormonism can relate. Thank you and God bless you and your family, Cindy
I would like to thank you for your continued effort to lead Mormons out of their bondage . Please continue to preach the truth and although I have not the courage to yet free myself from the grips of mormonism I know because of your faith and continuing effort someday I will declare my independence.
I would like to know the next time that you will be out in Southern California again.
God bless you.
Dear Friends, THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU for this important work you are doing for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and for the very souls of Mormons. As an ex-Mormon, and today an ordained Lutheran parish pastor, I commend you for this work. We reach out to Mormons in love, with the Word of God, trusting that His Word will not return to Him void (Isaiah 55:11). You are in our prayers! May God continue to bless you and your ministry.
Thank so much for your testamonie, it was very encouraging to me. Ray, Wahiawa, Hawaii
Reading Unveiling Grace think it is a great book. May God continue to bless and use and protect you and your family in a very important ministry. I am sure it is not easy.
Your family is a great example that a person can leave Mormonism but retain Jesus Christ. I encourage any Mormon who is struggling with their faith to read the New Testament verse by verse in context and just see where that leads you.
Lynn, love your story, Micah your awesome, may God keep blessing your Ministry. Lynn, I would like to leave you with another great link, he's ex-mormon: http://thecrossunveiled.com/ enjoy. Oh, please keep doing more on youtube, love it.
Thank you for the work you are doing to bring Mormons to Christ! I was born under the covenant, but eventually became inactive, bitter, confused. I thought I was a Christian. I couldn't believe I was not. We are saved by grace and not by deeds! A huge burden has been lifted from my life. I am still struggling to sort out doctrine, but believe I am finally making headway. One of the pastors at my church shared your film with me and it brought me to tears. Thank you for promoting the true Jesus Christ of the Bible.
It was good visiting your ministry on the web and how you came to Christ being formally Mormons. We have a ministry website with a wider focus but we do have one page where we had a conversation with a Mormon... http://maverickchristians.com/mormons Feel free to visit us! It is so wonderful to know the forgiveness of all sins and the free gift of eternal life through trusting faith in God solely through His Son Jesus Christ! The blood of Jesus Christ cleanses us from all sin.
thank you for sharing your story in idaho falls may Jesus change hearts because of your faithfulness
I am a current member of the LDS church in a place of spiritual darkness. Some health situations this past year that are directly related to another member of the church has put me in direct opposition to the leadership of my ward and caused me to question the teaching of the church as a whole. I appreciate your willingness to speak out about the lack of connection with Biblical teachings and the teachings of the LDS church. I will look forward to reading your book and seeking further guidance from the many sights I have found.
Love seeing other exmormormons ministering the true gospel, the lds church have for years tried to get me to sign my membership away but as long as i leave it they keep sending missionaries, home teachers and even the bishop to our house atleast 2 to 3 times a year for the last 20 years, it gives me the chance to witness ,would love to partner with your ministry.
I am looking for information to help my long time friend who has had a breakdown, relationship breakup, moved into a family home and found God, but through Mormonism and I am concerned by her recently showing signs of withdrawing from her friends and family and getting deeper and deeper into this.. I grew up in a Christian home and went to a christian church S.D.A, as I grew older I withdrew myself from the church for nearly 10 years. but since I have been having open dialog over the last 3 years with her, my own faith has been renewed and would like to go back to church again, My mother is a regular attender and is always telling me to come along, I'd like to take up her offer and take along this girl with me. I just am however concerned that I have little knowledge to level with my friend, my own faith is rusty and I'm having to recite information from school and church in my younger years.. I found this site very helpful, I dont want to bible bash her as this will make her even more withdawn, I just am desperately trying to help her at the same time I feel like im loosing her as a friend. But want her to keep Jesus and God in her life, I just think LDS is not healthy for her.. I also believe God has given me this little task..
I would like to learn more about your site and your goals. I left Mormonism for Christianity four years ago after 50 years of Mormonism. I recently even wrote a book about my experiences(not yet published ... just came back from the editor). I'm excited to learn more
Hey, friends. Nice website. Great ministry! God bless you.
I was ALMOST sucked in! I was challenged to reasearch if the Mormon church was true. I prayed, and I have my answer. Thank you for helping to answer my prayer.
"Unveiling Grace" is fresh, original, and speaks very personally to the Mormon experience. Both sides of Mormonism can benefit from this thought-provoking portrait of a spiritual journey.
I had been a member of the LDS church my whole life--56 1/2 years when I began discovering things on the internet about the church. I realized that the things I had been taught throughout my life were lies: that Jesus is actually God; that Joseph Smith was a con artist; that my husband and children were not sealed to me for eternity. The list goes on and on. I literally fell to the floor and sobbed my heart out. I thought I was going to die. I didn't know what to believe. I found Shawn McCraney on YouTube where you were a guest. I've also seen Adam's Road and love their music. I would like to find someone in Anchorage, AK who has found their way out of Mormonism to Christ. I feel very much alone up here. Thank you for sharing your journey out. It has been a big help.
Thanks for your ministry
Just finished reading your book 7 Reasons We Lwft Mormonism. I appreciated the book very much, and I appreciate the work you are doing.
I am 32 years old and I am from Namibia. I met the couple missionary when I was going through tough time of my life back in April 2012.When I met them,I thought this was answers to my prayers.I was a faithfull member, trying everything supposedly to please my God. The harder I tried the more things get worse. That's when I started to do a research over this church. I was shock to what I found out, racism by supposed prophet of God, Polygamy,Joseph Smith joining free mason even after he have seen God and Jesus Christ,the list go on. For three month I did my thoroughly research while still attending church services and continue praying more than before just to be sure I am about the church.Great feeling was over me, its like a Vail has been placed between me and the real world. The bible have warn us to test spirits and also to search the truth, and the truth will set us free. May 2013 i completely stop going to church while continuing with my research. In November 2013, i submitted my letter to be removed from the church records. Till today, am still waiting for the response. It is a pity that we can't put everything in black and white since some of the experiences are spiritual. All i can say is that;Christians,lets read our bibles, to me Mormonism is witchcraft. They are serving a god not God. Look at their temples structure, to me their are Egyptian pyramids.And just have a closer look at their design forming that infamous star.
You people are insane. All of you are.
Thank you for sharing your story through the books you have written! I was able to find my way out of the Mormon church about 7 months ago and into a loving relationship with Jesus Christ! It is so nice to know that others have gone through the same thing, continue to let the light of Jesus shine through your ministry!
God continues to use Unveiling Grace for His Glory here is southeast Idaho,our little town of Ashton. Again today I gave a copy of your book to an ex-Mormom that is in transition to a relationship with Jesus Christ. Praise God and continue to be available sharing your story!
Thank you so much for standing along side me as I minister to the lost ones in Mormonism. I pray that God Blesses you and your entire family
I just read your book and wanted to thank you for having the courage to write it. I come from a generational Mormon family (2 generations on my mom's side, at least 4 on my dad's)and was raised in Utah until the age of 12. My older sister (39 yrs old), myself (38 yrs old) and my younger sister (32 yrs old) are now Bible-believing Christians. Praise God! I've been an enthusiastic and on-fire born again Christian for almost 10 years. My brother (37 yrs old) and mother are still very active in the Mormon church. I thank God for your faithful witness and will highly recommend your book. I'm going to have my soon-to-be 18 yr old niece, who has also rejected Mormonism, read it (she has not yet accepted the real Jesus, but she seems very close, please pray for her!). I recently sent in my request to have my name removed from the church records, as in the last two months my brother has had missionaries and the bishop contact me after his daughter (my niece) came to live with me (there was too much conflict at home between herself and my brother, who adopted her). I know your book will help me to succinctly present the reasons why I, too, disagree so strongly with Mormonism. Thank you again! If we don't meet in this life, I look forward to seeing you in heaven! Marie Cass
Praise God for the work He is doing through the Wilder family, and Adam's Road Band. You all give me so much hope for my wife to one day come to know the Christ of the Bible. The book was a great read and I highly recommend it! May the Lord continue to bless these ministries that they may reach many who are lost. God Bless
I am a Greek Orthoox Christian that is fascinated with your story and your ministry to mormons. Although I can not relate to your story, I certainly can only imagine what your journey was like. I would be lying if I said mormons an their faith (cult) does not shake me up a little. I have a good friend who is of Polynesian decent that is a member of the LDS converted through missionaries. He has admitted to me that he feels ridiculous and ashamed, however he is handcuffed to the LDS fearing that he and his family would lose everything if they left the "church". To me a sad story. I can only hope the true Christian faith may find and save these people similar to him.
I watched you discussion on Mormon Temple Rites and I found it very well done. Although I have never been in a Mormon Temple except the Entrance for two of my son's weddings and the Oakland Temple prior to consecration I found your discussion very well done and without a bunch of hysterical comments like blood sacrifices and such. Unfortunately, not only am I an ex-Mormon I am also an atheist so the fact that you also promote Christianity is a problem for me. I have attempted to contact Richard Packham whose beliefs are more along mine without any success and I would appreciate and information you might have on ex-Mormon organizations that lean toward atheism. Thank You, Robert E. West
I have just read "Unveiling Grace" and my heart was touched with this moving example of how powerful truth from God's Word is for anyone whatever their circumstances. As a Protestant pastor, I salute you for forcefully telling your incredible story of being captured by God's grace and truth. May God bless you in your loving ministry to Mormons.
I loved your book, "Unveiling Grace".
I would like to personally thank you for your courageous lives in speaking out for Biblical Christianity and Mormonism NOT being in harmony. I am now a year out from my resigning my membership from the LDS Church. Part of my conversion that God used was your appearance on the John Ankerberg show. I had always thought of myself as Christian while being a mormon and didn't understand anyone questioning it. I am still in transistion in some aspects, but I know God will continue to lead me in the path for I believe Him that" He knows the plans He has made for me" !!! I want to eventually purchase your book of Unveiling Grace. I saw the video presentation and ordered a copy. Listening to some of the music selections from Adam's Road was also very uplifting. May God Bless you and your ministries !!! Gail
I have just watched Unveiling Grace, my daughter is reading the book, and we checked out Adam's Road. Awesome! My husband and I were in full time ministry planting churches in Utah. Because of the economy we had to make some changes in our lives and had to leave Salmon, Idaho move to Ferron, Utah where my husband had a job. Our hearts continue to be burden for all religious people and share the gospel as much as possible. Our hearts have a special place for the LDS people. Especially since my daughter decided to leave truth of the Bible to marry an LDS man. It has been heartbreaking but I was so encouraged by Lynn's statement in the video about being in the LDS religion was planned by God to learn of them and love them. I and my husband would love to meet you folks someday. We would like to make ourselves available to those coming out of Mormonism or any religious bondage. We are all going to be living up North by next May after our youngest graduates. We believe God has a plan for our family to be used of Him in reaching the LDS people with the gospel in a more one on one situation. Praise God for His work in all of your lives!
Thank you for your beautiful presentation last nite at Calvary, St George. Grace and Peace to you and Mike and your witness to our LORD JESUS.
I just wanted to say how truly thankful i am that i saw Adam's Road in a church in Soda Springs, Idaho this summer. They opened my eyes to what Mormonism is really like. And after reading Unveiling Grace, i have never questioned where i need to put my heart and faith. I had never really understood what it was about being Mormon i didn't agree with or why i felt uncomfortable bearing my testimony or some of the things they teach. This book opened my eyes and will change my life forever! Thank you so much for this wonderful book that has brought more joy to my than ever before. You are all wonderful amazing people. God bless.
We think of you often and pray for your family. We are ordering your new book. Is the Desseret News bookstore the only place we can get a copy of the Doctrine and Covenents? Love the website and appreciate all the additional contacts. We are still praying for my sister Lynn and her entire family for salvation. Marcy & Tom Walters
Thank you!
I am a retired teacher of 29 years. I am a over the road truck driver now and would like any material you can give me to expand my knowledge on the cults and mormonism in particular. Thanks Wayne Risley
JESUS É tudo que nós precisamos ,seu amor imenso,não estao sozinhos nesta luta .ámem
I think it is wonderful that you are bringing ex-Mormons to the true Christ. We are now studying the bible and are learning what Christ really taught and it is much different than the LDS teachings. I wonder how successful the missionaries would be if they told investigators that the founding prophet had 34 wives and married several women who were already married. It was shocking to hear about the polyandry, seer stone and that the much of the endowment was copied from the Mason's.
Thanks you, thank you, thank you for your dedication and love of the Mormon people. Although I was never Mormon myself, I just got through reading your book Unveiling Grace. What a story! I am also a fan of Adam's Road and have supported their ministry through donations and have a complete set of their beautiful music CDs! What talent! Many of the music productions blow me away, truly! May God richly bless and keep you, one and all! In Him Whose Name is Above Every Name, Jesus, Howard :-)
Very good point!! What amazes me is polepe choose to believe in this rather than believe in Jesus?! And we have proof of Jesus and still polepe would rather believe that junk 0Was this answer helpful?
I joined the church 22 years ago and after a 2 year period of inactivity I came across your video, which I thought would motivate me enough to return to church. I listened and know it was no accident that came upon this YouTube video which changed the direction of my life. I am ever so grateful for the DVD and the extras on it, which helped and actually felt like a support group. I don't feel alone. In the past, I always said I would never be able to join another religion or church after being LDS....I felt I knew more than others. I realize I have much to learn but, you and your ministry have given some answers and "wings to fly". I now read the bible and the freedom to understand is a beautiful feeling and wonderful! Thank you for sharing and wanting to make a difference in other's lives.
I am an ex-mormon and would like to hear from you.

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